Ryan Fielder

Hi, I’m Ryan Fielder BA (Hons). A Senior Digital Designer based in London, with ten years of experience in design, animation, web development, and branding. My extensive experience and wide skill set mean I can deliver engaging creative solutions that fulfil clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. I have a reputation in the industry for being easy to work with, very creative and highly professional. Above all, I’m just passionate about doing great work. Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients including: Accenture, Aegon, Barnet Borough Council, BP, Converse, Film 24, Headline Publishing Group, Little Brown Book Publishing Group, Origen, Samsung Electronics, Saudi Aramco, Tiger Retail Stores and Truestone.


Client: Samsung My role: Site design. YouTube skin. Traffic drivers. Awards: Gold Cannes Lions, Bronze Cannes Lions, Bronze Cannes Lions, Gold Creative Circle, Silver BIG Awards, Silver Caples Awards, Silver Caples Awards, Silver Caples Awards, Bronze Caples Awards, Silver Creative Showcase, Gold Eurobest, Silver Eurobest, Bronze Eurobest, Silver Eurobest, Silver Eurobest, Gold Kinsale Shark Awards, Gold Kinsale Shark Awards, Silver Kinsale Shark Awards, Silver Kinsale Shark Awards, Bronze New York Advertising Festival, Bronze New York Advertising Festival, Best of the Best MAA’s, Gold MAA’s, Gold MAA’s, Gold MAA’s. David Bailey is one of the world’s most famous photographers and a household name in the UK. However, there are also several thousand other David Baileys in Britain who have never met the Rolling Stones, shot for Vogue, or married a supermodel. By giving a Samsung NX1000 SMART Camera to every David Bailey we could find, we set out to prove that with the right equipment, everyone can shoot like a pro. I designed the Facebook hub at the core of this multi-channel campaign, which helped Samsung sell out of the camera in just 11 weeks and increase their market share from 2.8% to 55%.


Client: Saudi Aramco My role: UX design. UI design. HTML5 animation and build. As the world’s largest oil producer, Saudi Aramco wanted to tell the stories of its revolutionary technologies. The challenge was to turn a technically complex story into a beautifully crafted and engaging tale. Using Adobe Edge, I developed an HTML5 interactive video framework that created a truly engaging experience. The audience could explore a story by branching off at decision points, or delve into deeper detail thanks to interactive hotspots. Launch the project >Please increase the size of your browser window to launch this project.


Client: Samsung My role: Site design. Traffic drivers. The London 2012 Olympic Games was one of the most effective international marketing experiences in the world, reaching billions of people in more than 200 countries. For Samsung, London 2012 was about captivating a global audience, offering new and inspiring opportunities to experience and take part in the games. We achieved all this through the Olympic digital hub. The hub was a global site I designed which pulled together all the activations that Samsung had initiated during the Olympics, which included: • Highlights of Samsung’s role in the Olympic Torch Relay • Daily updates from the Samsung Global Bloggers • Details on Samsung’s partnership with David Beckham and other global ambassadors for the 2012 Olympics • Information on the history of Samsung and the Olympic Games • Samsung’s Hope Relay • Daily videos from competing athletes • An interactive map with an events timeline to track torch bearers across the country Visit the site >


Client: Samsung My role: Storyboarding. After Effects animation. Samsung wanted a beautiful, ultra high-resolution animation to be played on TV wall installations across Europe. It caught the eye of the public, showcasing the stunning design and smart functionality of Samsung’s latest TV. Within the first section, the animation used cuts of a TV commercial. From the explosion onwards I created an After Effects animation using Trapcode Particular, which created a dazzling effect.


Client: Samsung My role: Site design. To promote Jamie Oliver’s partnership with Samsung Dual Cook ovens, I created a fresh and inviting site that was designed to be visually engaging and provide a great user experience. The site featured a series of videos where Jamie demonstrates his own recipe combinations using the ovens’ unique Dual Cook feature.


Client: Samsung My role: UX design. Site design. Samsung needed an easy-to-use site that would showcase its expanding library of Smart TV Apps and help its Smart TV audience to discover them. I created a responsive website that worked with Samsung’s Smart TV CMS and automatically brought in new assets to keep the site updated with the latest and greatest from Samsung.


Client: Samsung My role: UX design. Site design. As Samsung’s most expensive product category, the Curved UHD TV needed a high-end, premium site to exhibit all its groundbreaking features. The responsive site I created focused on the beautiful design of the TVs and clearly explained their unique benefits. It was designed to create a sophisticated impression as well as being highly informative.


Client: Samsung My role: Site design. HTML5 animation and build. For the launch of the Galaxy S4, Samsung wanted a new way of capturing its audience’s attention for its mobile homepage, while advertising key features of the phone. To do this, I designed and built an HTML5 animation using Adobe Edge. This involved four animations which highlighted the key features of the Galaxy S4. It was the first time that this technology and format had ever been used on Samsung.com. Launch the project >Please increase the size of your browser window to launch this project.


Client: Samsung My role: Site design. Banner design. Traffic drivers. The campaign we created to launch the Samsung Wave II focused on the phone’s unique photo editing suite and social networking hub. This resonated with new, rapidly growing social networks like Instagram, and the best photos shared on the Now Project Facebook page were displayed at The Design Museum in London. I designed key aspects of the campaign, including a microsite for Samsung.com and a range of traffic drivers.

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